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Hi! We are a


from Valencia.

This is what we do:

Fotografía cosmética ecommerce

At Vakoya we will generate visual communication for your project. 

We will define the problems and set objectives, to make decisions through creativity.

Design is not just making a new "logo" and that's it. Design is color psychology, art history, printing techniques, formats,...

We have our own audiovisual TEAM. 

A video profile that also loves Motion Graphic and a photography profile that always prepares the best sets.

They complement each other to generate all the audiovisual content that our clients need.

Photography & Video

Digital Marketing

We will promote your project all over the internet. Our goal is to generate viral publications constantly.

We will take care of all your social medias, generate and manage what is necessary to reach the goals we set together.

creación de contenido para redes sociales
Fotografía para web
Fotografía cosmética para redes sociales
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