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This is our story

We are a team of 6 people, dreamers, restless, creative, experienced and in continuous learning.

Vakoya has been cooking for years without us realising it. Vakoya is ideas, long conversations, desire, lots of desire. It is fears, passion, joy and laughter. It is affection and friendship. It is journeys and experiences. It is tears, effort and strength. It is baggage and also constant learning. All these spices have been mixed so that we can present our best version.

With the beginning of the new year, the name was born. In one of our trips and from the name of the Galician village of Lavacolla, which means washing place, that's it! Vakoya was born to help, to give a facelift to the image of your brand, to give you the push to achieve your goals.


We are passionate about creating quality, professional, creative and communicative audiovisual content that we are proud of from start to finish.

About us



Photo & Design






3D Artist



Patent Engineer


Design & Web


Video & Motion Graphics

This is us: a team of 5 friends, dreamers, restless, creative, experienced and constantly learning. We will be in charge of organising, giving image, video, sound and even three-dimensionality to your brand. We design, plan strategies, photograph, edit videos and even model in 3D, generate infographics, manage websites and social media.

How can we help you?

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